Science and Technology Frontier

Provide a forward-looking and practical system solution to the critical needs of human social development. We will strive to create high-level innovation carriers and high-level scientific and technological talents that challenge the frontier limit of science and technology, effectively implement the two-wheel drive strategy of “science and technology innovation + headquarters economy”, and promote regional economic and social development to high quality.

Benefit human in all five aspects with one single cause: “Using waste as a treasure and waste as a technology: 1st is to save national investment and improve the efficiencies of enterprises. 2nd is to effectively treat 3 wastes and provide environmental protection technologies. 3rd is to supplement the soil nutrients and return the land to nature. 4th is to benefit agricultural development and increase farmers' income. 5th is to improve the quality of crops and promote human health.”


Chinese Academy of Engineering

Set up the Research Team with Shi Hanxiang as Leading Expert, 2 Academicians ofChinese Academy of Engineering serving as the Advisory.

medium and senior titles

Give play to the role of the backbone of of more than 30 talents with medium and senior titles, and bring together the domestic scientific talents and managerial talents.

independent intellectual property rights

Relying on more than 60 international and domestic cutting-edge science and technology, using the “private capital + scientific achievements project + high-level talents” model, the Company effectively implements the “science and technology innovation + headquarters economy” dual-wheel drive strategy.